Cornell College Events

Friday, February 3rd

Time Event Title
8:00 amOff-campus study scholarships - Application due in 1 month Old Sem
International & Off-Campus Studies is accepting applications (due March 3, 2017) for scholarships to study off-campus during the summer 2017, fall 2017, or spring 2018. The application includes a letter of recommendation (ask for this soon) and a personal statement. Please visit the Scholarship page of the Cornell International & Off-Campus Studies website. Coordinator Stephanie Nomura is available to answer questions.
11:15 amMeditation, Mindfulness, & Mind-Body-Spirit Practices Allee Chapel
Relieve stress while boosting emotional stability, calm, self-compassion, and ability to spread peace to those around you. Includes seated and gentle movement based practices as well as breath work, energy medicine, and spiritual wisdom from the healing arts and Eastern and Western contemplative traditions. Everyone welcome. ~ Led by Chaplain and Spiritual Life.

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