Upcoming Events:

Time Event Title
11:10 am Sep 2ndFaculty Meeting West Science
12:00 pm Sep 4thFulbright Information Session Thomas Commons
Invitation-only to outstanding seniors interested in applying for a Fulbright Scholarship.
11:10 am Sep 30thFaculty Meeting West Science
5:30 pm Oct 6thScholarships and Fellowships Thomas Commons
By invitation only to first year students, this session will outline selected prestigious scholarship awards available.
5:30 pm Oct 7thScholarships for Sophomores & Juniors Thomas Commons
Information about prestigious scholarships and fellowships appropriate for sophomores and juniors.
11:10 am Oct 28thFaculty Meeting West Science
4:00 pm Nov 14thFaculty Social Van Etten-Lacey House
Sponsored by the Center for the Literary Ars
11:10 am Nov 25thFaculty Meeting West Science
12:00 pm Dec 1stBoren Scholarship Thomas Commons
Information about the Boren Scholarship will be presented by Boren Scholarship winner Erinn Voass '15.
12:00 pm Dec 2ndRangel Scholarship Information Session Thomas Commons
Information about the Rangel Summer Scholars program will be presented by Rangel Scholar Michelle Ngirbabul '16.

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