Spiritual Life

Monday, January 15th

Time Event Title
12:05 pm-12:30 pmCHRISTIAN CENTERING PRAYER Allee Chapel
Centering Prayer is a simple meditation practice in the Christian contemplative tradition with origins dating back to the fourth century. This 25-minute gathering includes a brief intro, Be Still psalm chant or sacred reading, 10-15 minutes of silent practice, and closing prayer.
5:00 pm-5:40 pmMLK Candlelight Vigil Allee Chapel
Join us for kindling light and hope. Vigil begins in Thomas Commons then culminates in Allee Chapel. A brief, optional ecumenical Peace Eucharist/Communion service follows. All Cornell and Mount Vernon area folks are welcome. ~Led & sponsored by Spiritual Life's Soul Friends, Interfaith Understanding and Chaplain along with Social Justice Initiative partners (Intercultural Life and Civic Engagement).

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