Cornell College Events

Tuesday, December 6th

Time Event Title
4:00 pm"Plasmonic Nanomaterials for Disease Diagnostics" West Science
In this presentation, the architecture, stability, and surface chemistry of solution-phase gold and silver nanoparticles will be correlated to nanoparticle function for improved disease treatment strategies and for the direct detection of disease biomarkers. Nanoparticle concentration, core composition, and surface chemistry will be shown to play important roles in these sensing schemes. The most rugged and reproducible nanoparticle sensors will utilize silica membrane encapsulation of gold or gold-coated silver nanoparticles. Applications related to the direct and quantitative detection of small molecules will be discussed.
6:00 pmGMAT Math Session 4 Cole Library
For participants in the GMAT Prep. Sponsored by the Berry Center.
7:00 pmBook Release Reading: Glenn Freeman The Commons
Glenn Freeman will be reading from his new collection of poems, "Traveling Light." Come celebrate the publication of this new work.

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