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Movie Screening: "A Time For Drunken Horses"

Event Detail
Date: Friday, April 13th
Time: 5:15 pm-7:15 pm

Ayoub is a young boy living in a village near the border of Iraq in Kurdistan Province. He works in the bazaar along with his little sister. When their father dies, Ayoub is obliged to protect his three sisters and sick brother, Madi. Madi needs surgery, without which, he is expected to live a maximum of seven to eight months. Ayoub tries to smuggle merchandise by mule into Iraq in an attempt to raise money for Madi's operation. The owner of the mules refuses to pay Ayoub and his group after the job. Ayoub again looks for a job to pay for his brother's operation. He gets a second chance to smuggle goods using the mule his uncle lends him after breaking his arm. Rojin, Ayoub's sister, marries a suitor living in a village on the border of Iraq on the condition that he smuggles Madi into Iraq for his operation. Despite Ayoub's objections, the wedding takes place and they all move to the border village. The groom's mother prevents Madi from going with them and gives Ayoub a mule as a conciliatory gift. Ayoub and Madi--along with the acquired mule--return to their native village and sell it to get money for Madi's operation. Introductory comments will be made by Dr. Nilay Ozok-Gundogan.

Location: Room: Hedges
Thomas Commons
Nilay Ozok Gundogan

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