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March on Mount Vernon

Event Detail
Date: Wednesday, April 18th
Time: 11:00 am-12:30 pm

After the March 26 Trayvon Martin demonstration on the O.C., the words "RIP" on the kiosk that displayed "RIP Trayvon Martion" were scribbled over with spray paint. Someone then placed the words "Nigga Art" on the side wall of Bowman Carter. The concerned students of Cornell College are disgusted by this behavior on campus, and the time to act is now. In retaliation of the unsuccessful arrest of George Zimmerman, and these ignorant words that have not only vandalized campus, but students' hearts, we will march in a peaceful protest around the perimeter of Cornell College. The March on Mount Vernon protest will begin on the O.C. promptly at 11 a.m. Led by: Ariel Harris '13, Vincent Osborne '13, and Cal Cauthorn '14, and members of ICL organizations OLA and S4S.

Additional Public Info: Please visit the Cornell College ICL page, or BACO page to view the "Nigga Art" image.!/pages/Cornell-College-Office-of-Intercultural-Life/135466826483151!/pages/Cornell-College-BACO-Black-Awareness-Cultural-Organization/277530955609954

Thomas Commons
Ariel Harris

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