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Thursday, November 8th

Time Event Title
11:00 am-1:00 pmBlack Iowa Youth Conference: Kujichaguilia Amphitheatre
The Black Awareness Cultural Organization's (BACO) UMOJA Living and Learning Community will present information about their upcoming conference as well as recruit volunteers to help in this endeavor. Though the conference is targeted at African American youth in Iowa, all are welcome to apply to serve on the conference volunteer committee.
11:10 amHAIG Lecture: The Chinese Financial System Thomas Commons
Todd Knoop, professor of economics, will give a lecture titled "A House of Cards with Chinese Characteristics: The Chinese Financial System." Like its economy in general, China's financial system is disproportionally important to the global financial system—China accounts for nearly 30 percent of total financial assets and holds 60 percent of the world's foreign reserves. The problem is that the Chinese financial system is as convoluted and opaque as any in the world. The complexity of its financial system does not reduce China's importance, just the difficulty of understanding how China has achieved such growth with such an inefficient financial system that has not—as of yet—experienced a major financial crisis. This talk discusses the distorted formal Chinese financial system, its huge underground lending markets, and the building financial crises within the system that threaten the Chinese—and the world—economy.
3:30 pmHomelessness, Housing, and Habitat for Humanity Thomas Commons
Join S.T.E.P., [alliance], and the C.E.O. for a simulation and discussion about homelessness, housing, and Habitat for Humanity. You will be assigned a character who has recently become homeless and will attempt to find housing through various agencies. See if you could get back on your feet and learn more about the issues surrounding homelessness.
6:00 pm-8:30 pmGerman Club Movie Night Cornell College
German Club will be showing "Goodbye, Lenin!," a comedy about the lengths to which a young man will go to protect his mother from realizing that the Berlin Wall has come down. The film contains English subtitles.
8:00 pmVolleyball @ St. Thomas St. Paul, Minn.

Ongoing Events:

Time Event Title
Nov 1st-Nov 19thP.A.L.S. Food Drive Thomas Commons
Nov 4th-Dec 2ndClay Colleagues art exhibit Peter Paul Luce Gallery

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