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Puppetry Performance Class Showcase

Event Detail
Date: Tuesday, December 18th
Time: 1:00 pm-3:00 pm

Wham! Bam! A Puppet Slam! Bunraku-style, Tabletop, Shadows and Muppets--all types of puppets will storm the stage in this collection of original vignette-style performances created in class by Cornell College students. Come join us to watch a selection of short pieces, chat with the puppeteers, and see some of their puppet creations close-up. Note: These puppet shows are for an adult audience. Kids are welcome to attend with their guardians, but parents should be aware that the shows were not created for children.

Additional Public Info: The showcase will be held at the Uptown Theater Space (The Mount Vernon Community Center).

Uptown Mount Vernon
Jim VanValen

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