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Monday, April 23rd

Time Event Title
9:00 am-12:00 pmChautauqua - Term 8: "The 2012 Presidential Election and the Political Science of Elections" The Commons
Presented by David Yamanishi, associate professor of politics. This Chautauqua will address the 2012 presidential election and American elections generally. The group will ask fundamental questions such as why third parties have been electorally unsuccessful in America, whether gerrymandering and primaries have made the parties more extreme, and how political polling works. The class will then look at how political scientists look at the 2012 election: how they try to predict the outcome; whether the Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya (and other?) conflicts are likely to affect the election; whether the election is likely to make a dramatic difference in economic and foreign policy. This course continues April 30. Cost of the four-week program is $30.
11:00 am-1:00 pmAfrican American Symposium Thomas Commons
Cornell College's 2012 African American Symposium will have more of an international theme this year. Typically the symposium discusses African influences in America due to slavery. But this year, the symposium will extend our knowledge beyond America, looking at where else in the world African roots lie. On each board, there will be at least one significant person or event that was heavily influenced by people of African descent around the world, throughout time. Additionally, international hip-hop music will be played to show the modernized impact of African American culture through music.
3:30 pmBerry Center Reading Group: Karl Rove and Dee Dee Meyers Thomas Commons
Students admitted into the Berry Center will discuss selections from Karl Rove’s book, "Courage and Consequence: My Life as a Conservative in the Fight" and Dee Dee Meyer’s book, "Why Women Should Rule the World" in advance of the Delta Phi Rho lecture featuring Rove and Meyers. The group will be moderated by Professor David Yamanishi from the Department of Politics and Professor Leon Tabak from the Department of Computer Science.For more information, please contact Jamie Waldron (
4:00 pmMen's Tennis vs. Coe College Tennis Courts
4:00 pm-7:30 pmSenior Send-Off
ALL graduating seniors should plan to attend. During the event you will be able to: order caps, gowns, and graduation announcements; vote for Senior Class Agent and Student Commencement Speaker; complete the required Federal and Cornell loan repayment process; submit responses to the Senior Exit Survey; learn how to effectively manage your Finances for Life After College; receive your Cornell College senior pin; enter to win your cap and gown or graduation announcements! Most of the items above can be done at any time between 4 and 7:30 p.m. However, the loan repayment and the finances for life after college sessions will only be offered at 4:30 and 6:15 p.m. (both are 45-minute sessions). FREE food and beverages are available at the event! If you are unable to attend Senior Send-Off, please contact RJ Holmes-Leopold directly.

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