Cornell College Events

Monday, April 9th

Time Event Title
All dayBlock 8 begins
All day-Apr 20thACM Traveling Photo Show Thomas Commons
A friend's smiling face, an artisan at work, a town's residents awaiting an event--those are just three of the memorable moments captured in prize-winning photos in the fourth annual ACM Off-Campus Study Photo Contest. Stop by to see the pictures, including 'Diablo Paint and Fire' by Cornell's own Kali Henson.
8:00 am-Apr 13th 10:00 pmClothesline Project Thomas Commons
The Clothesline Project is an annual event sponsored by TWRG that provides a voice for survivors of sexual and domestic violence. During the event, survivors are able to "speak" confidentially and heal by telling their stories through T-shirts that are displayed on the OC. All are invited to share in the healing by visiting the OC display. Confidentiality is prioritized for all who choose to create T-shirts.
9:00 am-12:00 pmChautauqua - Term 8: "The 2012 Presidential Election and the Political Science of Elections" The Commons
Presented by David Yamanishi, associate professor of politics. This Chautauqua will address the 2012 presidential election and American elections generally. The group will ask fundamental questions such as why third parties have been electorally unsuccessful in America, whether gerrymandering and primaries have made the parties more extreme, and how political polling works. The class will then look at how political scientists look at the 2012 election: how they try to predict the outcome; whether the Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya (and other?) conflicts are likely to affect the election; whether the election is likely to make a dramatic difference in economic and foreign policy. This course continues April 16, 23, and 30. Cost of the four-week program is $30.
11:15 amPresentation by Angela Cannon West Science
Angela Cannon, candidate for the teaching position in the department of chemistry, will give a teaching demonstration titled "Saccharides and Fuel Ethanol Production." A reception will follow in West Science Library.
12:00 pmTerm 7 grades due

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