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Hip Hop Comes To School

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Date: Tuesday, February 19th
Time: 6:30 pm

Bryant K. Smith will lead this multimedia, cross-disciplinary examination of hip hop--the music, culture, business, and controversy--from the lense of its intersection with schools and students. One part history lesson, one part multicultural immersion, and one part musical experience, this program will examine issues of race, gender, politics, and privilege within the context of hip hop's influence on everything from fashion to public policy. Smith, a former administrator and faculty member, now works as inspirational speaker and is recognized across the country as a leader in diversity training, student success, and male development and empowerment. He is the author of "Black Not Blind," "Five," and several male development books including "M.A.N.-U.P. Master And Nurture (Your) Unlimited Potential: How to Coach a Male into Manhood," "The Application For Manhood Workbook," and "For My Sons & Brothers." Sponsored by the Office of Intercultural Life and BACO.

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Location: Room: Hedges
Thomas Commons
Ken Morris Jr.

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