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Chautauqua - Term 7

Event Detail
Date: Monday, March 18th
Time: 9:00 am-12:00 pm

Shannon Reed, associate professor of English, presents "Why Do We Like Literary Characters?" Anyone who loves to read literature has entered a book, become a character and imagined being in that fictional world. Participants will talk about how and why we sometimes sympathize with characters. Why do we come to care about people who never lived? Does that kind of caring have any effect on who we are or how we behave? The course will consider what Aristotle, Samuel Johnson, and Adam Smith have said about these questions and consider recent ideas about literary characters. Along the way, we will discuss our own favorite stories and characters. This course continues March 25, April 1, and 8. Cost of the four-week program is $36. For more information call 895-4119.

Location: Room: Hedges Conference Room
Thomas Commons
Alice Povey

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