Cornell College Events

Wednesday, October 2nd

Time Event Title
9:00 am-1:30 pmCornell College Blood Drive Small Multi-Sport Center
Give Blood. Change a Life. Be Proud. Sign up for an appointment at Cornell's Blood Drive. Appointments preferred; walk-ins welcome! Eat a healthy meal and drink an extra 16 oz. of water and fluids before the donation.
11:30 am-12:30 pmThe Creative Brain: The Science of Genius Reading Group Discussion Thomas Commons
Students who received e-mail notification of their selection for this reading group should join us to discuss the second half of "The Creative Brain". Using modern neuroscience along with first-person accounts of creative breakthroughs from artists and scientists, acclaimed brain scientist Andreasen proposes that geniuses are able to tap into the unconscious mind via enriched connections between certain areas of the brain. She also explores the link between creativity and mental illness and shows how to enhance our creative potential through mental exercises.
6:30 pmNIGHT PRAYER with St. Francis & Blessing of the Animals Allee Chapel
Stilling prayer, song, scripture, silence, and sweet DOGGIES to calm, warm, and heal the soul. An ecumenical worship experience enfolding a brief Peace Eucharist--Communion at the end. Service flows out of ancient and fresh expression of Christian spirituality with open minds and hearts. All welcome. ~Led by Chaplain & Spiritus

Ongoing Events:

Time Event Title
Sep 1st-Oct 20th(a)chromatic, New Work by Anthony Plaut McWethy Hall
Sep 30th-Oct 3rdCourse Rosters are due at 12:00 noon Thursday.
Oct 1st-Dec 2ndSophomore declaration of majors has begun Old Sem

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