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Wednesday, April 3rd

Time Event Title
11:00 am-6:30 pmPAAC's Performer Preview Orange Carpet
See videos of performers who will be at the National Association for Campus Activities (NACA)conference where PAAC books the majority of campus acts. Vote on which performers you want PAAC to bring to campus during the next academic year.
11:10 am-12:10 pmPresentation by Mike Meyer
Mike Meyer, candidate for the department of geology teaching position, will give a research presentation titled "Midnight in the Garden of Ediacara: Life, (mostly) Death, and Bio-mechanics in the Latest Neoproterozoic."
3:30 pmPublic Lecture: The Federal Budget In An Era of Constraint: A Practitioner's Perspective Thomas Commons
Scott Quehl, former assistant secretary for administration in the first Obama administration, will present a public lecture on the federal budget. The title of his talk is “The Federal Budget in an Era of Constraint: A Practitioner’s Perspective.” During his Washington appointment he served as the chief financial officer for the Department of Commerce. Prior to public service, Quehl was the senior managing director of the Public Resources Advisory Group (PRAG) in New York and Philadelphia. He has also worked at JPMorgan Securities, the Metropolitan Police Department of Washington, D.C., and the World Bank. Quehl has a graduate degree in public administration from the University of Pennsylvania and an undergraduate degree from Lawrence University. He has also served as a Peace Corps volunteer. Sponsored by the Berry Center for Economics, Business, and Public Policy.
4:30 pmSoftball vs. Monmouth
7:30 pmKollman Memorial Lecture: "A Well Regulated Militia: The Second Amendment as History and Myth" Kimmel Theatre
Saul Cornell, one of the nation's leading authorities on the Second Amendment and the history of gun regulation, will deliver the Kollman Lecture titled "A Well Regulated Militia: The Second Amendment as History and Myth." Cornell is the Paul and Diane Guenther Chair in American History at Fordham University. He is the author of "A Well Regulated Militia: The Founding Fathers and the Origins of Gun Control in America," winner of the Langum Prize in American Legal History in 2006. He also published "Whose Right to Bear Arms Did the Second Amendment Protect?" and is co-editing a forthcoming collection of essays, "The Second Amendment Goes to Court: Critical Essays on District of Columbia v. Heller." In addition, he has taught at the College of William and Mary, the Ohio State University, and was a visiting research scholar at Yale Law School.

Ongoing Events:

Time Event Title
Mar 24th-Apr 3rdSenior art exhibit Peter Paul Luce Gallery

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