Cornell College Events

Tuesday, May 7th

Time Event Title
11:10 am-12:00 pmFaculty Meeting West Science
7:00 pm-8:30 pmGerman Fairy Tales Course Presentation Night Thomas Commons
This block, students in the Fairy Tales course taught by German professor Johanna Schuster-Craig have been learning about the historical, cultural and literary interpretations of Germanic fairy tales, especially the works of the Brothers Grimm. The course will culminate in this presentation of the students’ fairy tale adaptations based on tales from several cultures. This group of students contributed to the library story time during the first week of class when they were learning how to begin adapting tales. They are now working on developing more complex adaptations in a variety of genres, including artwork, film, puppetry, comics and children’s literature. We would love to have a community and student audience, as these tales are more than just an object of academic study. For those with families, we will do our best to present family friendly (PG rating) projects before breaking for intermission (about a half hour after start time).

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