Cornell College Events

Tuesday, September 24th

Time Event Title
3:15 pm-4:30 pmBless This Mess
Confession (reconciliation) and/or prayer for healing with anointing. 4th Tuesday of block, or when in need. Appointment recommended (x4402). Chaplain's Office is located on 3rd floor Old Sem.
8:30 pm-10:00 pmTiny Circus: video animation screening McWethy Hall
Tiny Circus, a group of visiting artists, will present an outdoor public viewing of animations they have created during term one. They worked with four Cornell students: Caitlyn Kleinman, Robert Porter, Kevin McCusker, and Hannah Cohn. The theme of the animations is The Seven Deadly Sins.

Ongoing Events:

Time Event Title
Sep 1st-Oct 20th(a)chromatic, New Work by Anthony Plaut McWethy Hall

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