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Making and Keeping Connections

Event Detail
Date: Wednesday, November 1st
Time: 11:30 am-12:45 pm

This workshop is sponsored by Rise Up, the program for first-generation students, and is designed for first-years. Cornell can offer a network of support and mentoring that will last a lifetime, and developing this network can begin in the first year. We will offer ideas about how to connect with faculty and other professionals at Cornell. Connections at home can sometimes be challenging, especially for first-generation students. Sometimes friends or family members donít understand the demands at Cornell. Students far from home can regret that they are missing out on social activities of friends who are attending college closer to home and family gatherings. This session will provide an opportunity to share experiences and communication strategies. Though this event is sponsored by Rise Up, any first-year student is welcome to attend. For further information, contact Faculty Director Sue Astley at or x4450.

Suzette Astley

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