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Monday, May 1st

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11:10 am-12:00 pmCornell College and Archaeological Research in Iowa Thomas Commons
Cornell College has the distinction of being the first institution of higher learning in the state to engage in substantive archaeological research in Iowa. These efforts began with the work of Cornell professor Charles R. Keyes in the 1920s and '30s and led to direct student involvement in fieldwork during the early 1940s. Sixty years later, State Archaeologist and Visiting Lecturer at Cornell John Doershuk reinvigorated Cornell’s involvement in Iowa archaeology. In this talk Doershuk will talk about the future of Iowa Archaeology, briefly review Keyes’ foundational efforts, and present an overview of the seven Iowa field projects Cornell students have participated in since 2002 through ANT 311: Introduction to Archaeological Field Methods as well as highlights from a few of the 27 internships Cornell archaeology students have participated in at the University of Iowa Office of the State Archaeologist. Brief bio: John F. Doershuk John has been State Archaeologist and director of the Office of the State Archaeologist (OSA) since 2007. OSA is a research center at the University of Iowa where John is an adjunct associate professor in the Department of Anthropology. John received a BA in 1980 from Carleton College in anthropology and an M.A (1982) and Ph.D. (1989) in anthropology from Northwestern University, specializing in Midcontinental archaeology. John regularly teaches archaeology courses at the University of Iowa and Cornell College, including archaeological field schools, most recently through the Iowa Lakeside Lab in northwest Iowa and in Cedar County, Iowa through Cornell. John has served as President of the Association of Iowa Archaeologists and is an ex officio Board Member of the Iowa Archeological Society.

Ongoing Events:

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Apr 30th-May 13th"The Show" 2017 senior art exhibit Peter Paul Luce Gallery

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