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We Grow Things: Women Powered Farms

Event Detail
Date: Wednesday, February 28th
Time: 6:00 pm

Three local farmersóCarmen Black, Kate Edwards, and Donna Warhoverówill discuss what got them interested in farming, what hurdles they faced in becoming a farmer, how they practice sustainability, and what challenges women face in agriculture.

Additional Public Info: Carmen Black runs Sundog Farm, a diversified vegetable farm located on the rolling hills between Solon and Mt. Vernon, Iowa, and is the principal vegetable grower for Local Harvest CSA. Farmer Kate Edwards is a young farmer who is a generation removed from farming. After leaving the state as a child, she returned to Iowa to farm. Her farm, Wild Woods Farm, is a local CSA north of Iowa City. After Donna Warhover completed Master Gardening classes at Iowa State University, her first farming experience was a small vegetable garden for Goodwill's Day of Habilitation for adults with disabilities. Since then, she and her husband Bill purchased a small farm Morning Glory near Mount Vernon.

Location: Room: Hedges
Thomas Commons
John Gruber-Miller

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