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Science Interest Group (SIG): Colin Pennington

Event Detail
Date: Thursday, November 8th
Time: 11:10 am-12:00 pm

Colin Pennington will speak on "The Impact of a Physical Education Teacherís Age on Studentsí Perceptions of Effectiveness and Learning." This study looked at the impact of a physical education teacherís age on elementary, middle, and high school studentsí learning and perceptions of the teacher. Students were randomly assigned to view one of two virtually identical films of swimming lessons taught by the same teacher. In one lesson, the teacher was youthful appearing. In the other lesson, he had been aged by a theatrical makeup artist to appear much older. Following the viewing of their lesson, students completed a content examination and a questionnaire regarding their perceptions of the teacher, and inferential statistical tests compared these data.

Location: Room: 100
West Science
Derin Sherman

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