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Block 5 First Friday Lunch

Event Detail
Date: Friday, January 18th
Time: 12:00 pm-1:00 pm

Mark your calendars for Block 5’s First Friday Lunch! First Friday Lunches are a casual opportunity for all faculty and staff to get out and eat lunch more regularly with other departments and those newer to the college. On each first Friday of the block, look for reserved tables in Smith Dining Hall and the fun folks who brought you the BINGO Block Party (Stefanie Bray, Dan Chou, Jessica Dopler, Maxwell Love, Rebecca Sullens). Sit by someone new and be entered into a drawing to win a Hilltop Cafe Meal Voucher (Attendees are responsible for purchasing their own meal)

Location: Room: Smith Dining Room
Hilltop Cafe
Thomas Commons
Rebecca Sullens

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