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Cornell LEADS Presents: Entrepreneur Panel and Networking Night

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Date: Thursday, February 21st
Time: 5:30 pm-7:30 pm

Join the Cornell LEADS program members in a night of leadership lessons and making connections. Julie Zielinski will moderate an hour-long panel with four corridor entrepreneurs: Jeri Frank, Stratafolio. Jeri Frank is the Co-founder and CEO of STRATAFOLIO, a cloud-based software solution that provides asset management analytics to companies who own, manage, and lease real estate. Jeri has over 20 years of business development, leadership, and product delivery experience. Prior to becoming CEO of STRATAFOLIO, Jeri worked as a Director at Pearson. Jeri has a BA and MA from the University of Northern Iowa. Simeon Talley, Flyover Fest, Rad Inc., Guns and Butter. Simeon Talley is the founder of Flyover, an Iowa City-based fashion and culture company that organizes Flyover Fest, a festival in Iowa City with fashion, art, performance and discussion. He’s the founder RADinc., a retail, art, design and community-driven incubator in downtown Iowa City and a co-host on the Political Party Live podcast. Talley believes in giving local artists a platform and a way to connect entrepreneurs and artists to each other. Mehrdad Zarifkar '09, Aviana LLC. Mehrdad Zarifkar, known to his bankers as the guy who makes money with hobbies, is the owner and operator of Aviana LLC. Aviana at its core is an aircraft appearance restoration and protection business, but it also has an automative division, eM Detailing. Aviana is also the catch-all umbrella to the variety of hobbies that he has managed to monetize over time, ranging from photography/design, to drone inspections, and laser engraving! Read Mehrdad's vlog at Manuel Galvez, El Trueque. Manuel Galvez is owner and editor of the Spanish-language online newspaper El Trueque and community organizer. Manuel Galvez is also an active part of planning the Iowa City and Cedar Rapids Latino Festivals and other community awareness campaigns. He is also an active member of Diversity Focus and Iowa Latino Conference. The panel will go from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. followed by an hour of networking with these successful entrepreneurs. Food is provided. Dress in business casual and come prepared with questions to ask.

Hall-Perrine Room of Thomas Commons
Lindsey Meza

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