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Anderson Natural Science Lecture

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Date: Monday, April 15th
Time: 7:00 pm

Madeline Marshall will give a lecture titled "Piecing Together the Past: Reconstructing ancient environments when dinosaurs roamed western Madagascar." Madagascar’s largely unique flora and fauna of today have inspired much investigation into how the past led to this present. Through recent field expeditions to the Morondava Basin on the western side of the island, we have begun to unravel the rich history of an ancient coastline populated by diverse life. The ebb and flow of the ocean during the Cretaceous resulted in alternating environments. Land-dwelling dinosaurs, trees, and flowering plants were overtaken by ocean-dwelling mosasaurs, rays, and shelly creatures, with the mixture of fossils yielding a detailed picture of the coastal environment as Madagascar split away from Africa.

Location: Room: Hall-Perrine
Hall-Perrine Room of Thomas Commons
Jessica Dopler

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