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Saturday, April 18th

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1:00 pmFashion Show: "A Trip To Tomorrow" - Virtual
"A Trip To Tomorrow" is SSTEW3's third runway show and the title pays homage to one of Spider-Man's cartoon titles in the 1960s. With Spider-Man being Mr. Stewart's favorite childhood superhero, this runway show gives Stewart a chance to be a hero in a sense by attempting to save the world with fashion. How Stewart saves the world is through SSTEW3's main focus, which is thinking about "tomorrow." Since fashion is the Earth's second-most polluting industry, SSTEW3 uses biodegradable and recycled fabrics to sustain a better future for the "eco-chic" consumer and the world. While preserving the future, SSTEW3 wants to take you on a trip to tomorrow by displaying what society will be wearing in the year 2500. See the show at Tickets are $20 at For more content from SSTEW3, you can follow the brand on Instagram @sstew3. PLEASE READ: Parental Advisory/Viewer Discretion is advised, this show will feature partial nudity of the torso & slight explicit language will be used in the runway show's soundtrack.

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