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Thursday, October 19th

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11:10 am-12:00 pmSIG (Science Interest Group) Lecture: Craig Teague West Science
Chemistry Professor Craig Teague will talk on "Advanced materials for carbon dioxide capture: Research at Oak Ridge National Laboratory." In the quest for a diversified energy portfolio, new materials are needed to effectively and efficiently separate and capture carbon dioxide. In this talk, Teague will describe efforts to capture carbon dioxide using two advanced materials systems. First, some room temperature ionic liquids can chemically capture carbon dioxide; he will discuss structure within these systems. Second, he will describe the synthesis and characterization of microporous carbons derived from soft drinks. In addition, he will briefly describe opportunities for undergraduates in the national laboratory system as well as sabbatical projects related to teaching and learning.
11:15 amAlcoholics Anonymous (AA) Allee Chapel
ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS (AA), Thursdays 11:15 to Noon in Allee Chapel (except during breaks). Offering support. Living the 12 Steps. Open to students, faculty, staff, and townspeople. For more info. email scoleman. ~Sponsored by Chaplain & Spiritual Life

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