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SIG (Science Interest Group) Lecture: Brandi Shanata

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Date: Thursday, November 16th
Time: 11:10 am-12:00 pm

Brandi Shanata, Lecturer in Statistics and Consulting Statistician, will talk on “Finding Stories in Data: Rankings, Ratings, and Relevance in Consulting Statistics.” Statistics are just numbers until you add context. Nowadays, easy access to a variety of computer programs makes it possible to perform complex (or simple) analysis on most data sets. The difficulty, and beauty, of statistical analysis often comes at the beginning—collecting data—and the end—meaningful interpretation of the numbers. This talk will explore the importance of both, drawing from years as a statistical consultant, as well as offer a realistic window into what a career as a consultant can be like. We will learn how to ask Are you happy?, see how statistics improved safety training, discuss what to do when ethics clash with clients, and overall think critically about our statistics to find the story within the numbers.

Location: Room: 100
West Science
Jim Freeman

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