Upcoming Events

Tuesday, April 18th

Time Event Title
8:45 amMEET ME AT THE PEACE POLE for 5 minutes at 8:45 a.m. Peace Pole
Amid political and other differences we gather to pass the peace, to lift up in 5 words or fewer places in the world in need of healing, and also to name where in the past week we've glimpsed life's goodness and beauty. Rain or shine at the Peace Pole beside Allee Chapel. Sponsored by Chaplain & Spiritual Life
4:00 pm-5:00 pmSustainable Water Development: A New Graduate Education Model (and some iron redox chemistry as well West Science
Michelle Scherer, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Iowa, will speak about her research and about the new NSF-funded graduate program in Sustainable Water Development (SWD). The new SWD graduate program will be housed in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, while building upon strengths across the campus in the area of water sustainability and emphasizing the critical roles of water quality and quantity as well as food and energy production. Major research efforts will address high-priority research needs for such communities, including: forecasting, mitigating and adapting to climate variability; innovative solutions for minimizing waste streams and promoting resource recovery; new water treatment infrastructure suitable in scale and energy demand for small communities; and management of biogeochemical cycles and agro-ecosystem structure to promote environmental quality. Examples of current research Michelle Scherer's group is conducting will also be discussed, including aresenic in Iowa and how iron minerals influence the nitrogen and carbon cycles.

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