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Tuesday, December 18th

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3:20 pmSoothing Sound Healing & Yoga Nidra Class (1hr) Shaw
Go deep into calming mind and body states through this 1 hour class. Begin w/20 minutes of gentle, meditative flow yoga. Then soak in healing vibrations and the soothing sacred sound of massive Himilayan singing bowls as you enter deep subconscious states of effortless and ease through a reclined (bring that pillow!) yoga nidra experience. Experience aids the sleep deprived and stress. Open to Cornell students, fac & staff. Please arrive early to sign in, and grab a blanket, yoga mat, and bolster from the fitness room. This experience is led by Rev. CQE, chaplain, certified instructor). ~Sponsored by Spiritual Life, Health & Counseling in collaboration with Cornell's Well-being Network

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