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Friday, February 22nd

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Cultivating greater happiness, ease, compassion, & peace. Features seated and movement based practices, soothing sounds, East-West contemplative wisdom, and the power of group practice. Everyone welcome. ~Led and sponsored by Chaplain (certified instructor)
12:00 pm-1:00 pmHumanize My Hoodie Artist Event Thomas Commons
Artists Andre Wright, Born Leaders United project artist, and Jason Sole, community activist and co-founder of the Humanize my Hoodie movement, will be at Cornell to share the creation of the exhibit, information about the movement, and details about the images. Humanize my Hoodie is a national art exhibit dismantling the stigma of black people in hoodies.
5:00 pm-Mar 2nd 5:00 pmBooks For Life Pop-Up Bookstore Mount Vernon
Cornell's Colleges Against Cancer will be opening a pop-up used bookstore called Books For Life from Friday, Feb. 22 to March 2nd at 122 First Street SW in Mt. Vernon. We will celebrate on opening night with a reading sponsored by Cornell's BOOM! Magazine at 7pm. All proceeds will benefit the American Cancer Society. You can also find a promo code that decreases the price of registration for Relay For Life from $15 to $5.

Ongoing Events:

Time Event Title
Feb 8th-Feb 22ndColleges Against Cancer Book Drive Thomas Commons
Feb 11th-Mar 1stHumanize My Hoodie Art Exhibit Thomas Commons

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