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Thursday, March 28th

Time Event Title
3:15 pm-4:15 pmGathering to Address Pain Caused By United Methodist Vote Denying LGBTQIA Full Inclusion Allee Chapel
Cornell students, faculty, & staff are invited to a gathering of support, love, information sharing, and listening. We will tend to the hurt inflicted by a recent international UMC vote and summarize what we know as we await the April UMC judicatory meeting (see this statement -- bit.ly/2HLhU8f -- by 100% of presidents at UMC colleges, universities, & seminaries crafted by President Brand & others against that Feb 26 decision; 2/3 of U.S. delegates were also in favor an open and inclusive church). Meanwhile, nothing changes Cornell's multi-decade commitment to equality & inclusion of LGBTQIA persons, religiously and otherwise. Gathering enfolds healing interior prayer/compassion meditation. Ends with optional inclusive communion, anointing for healing, and blessing. ~Sponsored by the Office of Chaplain & Spiritual Life

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